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Engine Repair and Assistance at Sea

We carry out the complete testing of correctness and various stages of the service of diesel and gasoline, inboard or outboard engines, installation and servicing of bow and fork propellers, electricians and repair of all other types of engine failures that may occur to you. Servicing and repairs are done in our works and land or come to you if the breakdown occurred somewhere on the sea. In case of assistance at sea, in cases where failure can not be remedied by our service providers and it is not possible to continue sailing, our marine assistance service will ensure that you are safely approached by the nearest ports and in agreement with you repairs and further work continue in port or on land.

Delivery of fuels and spare parts

Do you enjoy boarding the ship and you’ve estimated fuel supplies wrong? The engine has failed and will not start, and you do not have a spare spark plug? Do not worry, Duje Marine Marine Assistance will ensure that your fuel or spare parts are delivered to your location within the shortest possible time. Our friendly serviceman will provide you with all the necessary help to safely continue your vacation.

Skidding and unloading of vessels

Sea disadvantages are extremely unpredictable and sometimes very uncomfortable and there is an expressive experience and expertise of our stuff. Any user of our assistance services that can not be provided at sea wil lbe discharged from the site of failure – damage to the nearest port where repairs can be made or to the nearest service provided to remove specific defects. In the event of a seizure, our sea-to-sea assistance facility will allow you to safely depart the boat and control the damage caused, and advise you on further steps.